Ekaterina Malysheva | London, UK

Ekat is born to promote avant-garde and independent ideals. Ekaterina Malysheva conceived the Catsuit idea at Burning Man festival, a creative and collaborative community that inhabits Black Rock City every year for a 7 day period. Ekaterina is originally Russian but has grown up in the Czech Republic, then completing a degree in London at the London College of Fashion. Her background is not exclusive to the fashion business; she cultivates a great passion for the music and film industry where she collaborated in numerous documentaries: The Square has been nominated at the Oscar, won three Emmy’s and was recently bought by Netflix. Touchè. Then came the idea to give birth to Ekat , a young independent brand that has caught the attention of numerous international celebrities such as Rita Ora e Miley Cyrus: “The beauty of the catsuit is that it allows you to feel very free and to embrace your body. A lot of girls are scared because they think their bodies won’t look perfect,- but that’s not at all the point. You will look as sexy as how confident you feel, and that’s a fact.”

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